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Warming Asian noodle soup

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

This could come as a surprise to many of you but I am a 'Ramen Virgin', yes you read that right, I have never had Ramen before. One of my friends recently mentioned how amazing it is and for weeks after that conversation I had a craving for warming, comforting noodle soup but to my amazement it is actually quite hard to come by, well a vegan and gluten free version that isn't full of processed

products and oils, so like always I just decided to wing it and make one myself. Now I am still yet to find Ramen noodles that I can eat so I have no idea if this is what it tastes like but I can tell you that this recipe is a soothing flavour bomb that warms your tummy and soul.

Filling, high in protein, loaded with greens and ridiculously easy to make.

I didn't have any miso on hand and having a toddler with Gastro and myself with the flu, running to the shops was the last thing I felt like doing so I will be giving this recipe a go in the future with some added miso but it's a winner in my books just as it is.

Whether you are sick and need some chickenless chicken soup for comfort or just want to warm up this soup is perfect for any occasion and can be made in bulk so freezing or meals on hand are a breeze. I have listed all the vegetables I had in the fridge and used for this recipe although you could use any vegetables you have.

I hope this recipe finds it way to your heart like it did mine <3

Enjoy my pretties xo


- 1 block Organic Firm Tofu

- 2 bunches of Bok Choy (roughly 3 cups when chopped)

- 1 cup frozen peas

- 2 cups small button mushrooms

- 1 large head broccoli

- Thinly sliced red cabbage for topping

- 3/4-1 cup of chopped spring onion (white parts)

- 3 cloves of garlic

- Bunch of fresh coriander or 2 tsp ground coriander

- Pinch of himalayan salt and black pepper

- 1 tsp ground chilli

- 3 tbs Tamari sauce

- 1/2 tbs hot siracha if desired for extra heat

- 1L Organic low sodium vegetable stock

- 1 Packet thick rice noodles


1. Chop tofu into cubes

2. Chop all vegetables starting with the white parts of the spring onion keeping the green part for garnish

3. In a large pot sautee spring onion with a pinch of himalayan salt to help soften the onion

4. Finely chop and add garlic cloves

5. Add coriander, ground chilli, black pepper, siracha and tamari sauce

6. Add tofu cubes and leave for 5 mins stirring occasionally

7. Next add the mushrooms (Add them whole or cut in half) until they soften

8. Then add broccoli, peas and any other desired vegetables

9. Add enough stock to cover everything and if you need more just add some filtered water

10. Leave for 10-15 mins to simmer on a medium setting

11. Add rice noodles and allow another 5 minutes for the noodles to cook

12. Finely slice enough red cabbage for garnishing and green parts of the spring onion

13. Serve soup, top with garnishes and add Saurkraut and Alfalfa sprouts for extra nutrition and flavour!

Tag us in your creations! #peaceplantsprana

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