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SOLFUL COLLECTIVE is an earth conscious, self care brand based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We are passionate about hand-creating high-quality, and high vibrational products to use in your daily life that don't compromise your health or the well-being of Mother Earth. We believe in nourishing every cell in our body through natures' healing gifts which you will find in all our self-care products as well as spreading awareness on toxin-free and sustainable living for the wellbeing of Mother Earth and all her creatures.
Vegan Skincare

Dee, founder of Solful Collective with her youngest son, Nova

All our products are created with ethically & sustainably sourced ingredients as well as packaged in reusable, recyclable and/or compostable packaging.


Having struggled with various health problems as a young adolescent and being told she couldn't have children, Dee was determined to turn her life and her health around. Being an athlete for most of her life she was always very active but during her Personal Training studies realised the importance of nutrition and its role on the body. This was the start of it all. When she changed to a plant-based diet she began to heal herself, her illnesses dissipated and she naturally fell pregnant with her firstborn. During her first pregnancy is when she realised the damage toxins were doing to herself and her unborn son and her first all-natural deodorant formulation was created. Since then it has been a road of constant learning and growth. Her true passion for educating young people on their health and creating products that are not only beneficial to themselves but also to the planet led her to create Solful Collective. 

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